Our goal is to help our patients have a better quality of life.

Welcome to Vital Minds Psychiatry - How We Treat

Nurturing &

  • At Vital Minds Psychiatry, Privacy and Confidentiality of our patients is our top priority.
  • We have equal, customized mental health treatment approaches for all age groups.
  • A nurturing, peaceful and motivating atmosphere is maintained during one on one sessions.
  • We are well versed with the use of technology and other modern evaluation tools for the best treatment of our patients.

Recover &

  • The process of recovery and mental rebuilding can be slow, but it is steady and life-long.
  • Individual patient Needs are evaluated by understanding their life styles and life perceptions.
  • We clearly understand recovery is different for everyone; hence we focus on personal recovery using custom tailored approaches. Your treatment is unique.
  • With personal and clinical recovery we are aiming to provide you with a meaningful life through a combination of medicine and therapy.

Our Process

Our process of treatment is simple yet effective. Our treatment with patients and their families involves complete assessment of current problems faced by the individual along with their past history and any records of mental health or other issues. Before starting the treatment, we evaluate each case in detail so that a best approach of mental treatment can be provided to our valued customers that includes therapy and medicines both. Throughout the treatment and evaluation process, our expert keeps a non-judgement approach that helps both counselor and patient find a solution which is best suited as per the condition.

Love and Respect

Our conversations with clients involve love, friendliness and respect throughout the process. As we talk about how giving love and respect can bring peace and mental stability in their lives and provide them the happiness they are looking for.


Our research work is strong and it is a continuous process at Vital Minds Psychiatry. We believe in delivering solutions that are the latest, innovative and most inviting. Innovation in communication has helped us deal with our clients in a stronger manner.


With every single case our approach of dealing is professional irrespective of their issue or severity of issue. As experts, we work with efficient resources to pick and deliver solutions in such a way that ethical values are maintained.

Our Approach

The approach we use to deal with patients and clients is Telepsychiatry. A modern approach used by counsellors and trainers in today’s date using online medium. With this approach we do not meet or deal with clients in person rather we conduct our sessions online through the internet. No matter where you live, telepsychiatry helps us connect with you in a secure environment. Telepsychiatry is equal to in person care and research has found high level satisfaction with telepsychiatry among patients and professionals.

Our Treatment Process


Medication Management

After your initial psychiatric evaluation, depending on your treatment plan, you may be prescribed medication, referred to psychotherapy, or both combinations. If you are prescribed medications, you must follow up with the provider to assess your improvement and determine if your medications are working for you.

Psychiatric Evaluation

Your initial visit to Vital Minds Psychiatry will be an evaluation. An evaluation is required to assess your physical and mental state and collect medical and psychiatric history; that enables the provider to determine a treatment plan suitable for you.

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