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Our goal is to help patients get better quickly with reduced symptoms,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get in Touch with A Psychiatrist at Vital Minds without Referral?

Yes, you can definitely get to talk with our psychiatrist at the time of appointment that you have booked.

How Can I Book my appointment with Dr. Teliya Zyambo?

You can book your appointment for an online session with Dr. through telephone contact mentioned at contact us page.

How Can I Pay for My Sessions?

You can pay online through bank transfer or visa mastercard. Full fees to be paid after each session.

How Much Does it Cost For One Session?

It depends upon the number of sessions that are suggested to you by our expert. Each session is 59 minutes. Usually it costs around $150 to $200 per session for a single person. Whereas, couples are charged $250 per session.

What is the Difference b/w Psychologist & Psychiatrist?

Both are types of mental healthcare professionals. Psychologists have a degree from university and they are meant to manage human behaviour, emotions and thoughts only through counselling. Psychiatrists have qualifications in medicine and they can prescribe medication but psychologists are not licensed to do so.

How Can Counselling Help Drug Addicts?

Counselling that is supported through research based interventions and newest approaches drug addicts are helped to develop behavioural and cognitive skills which help reduce their addiction.

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